2019 World Pizza Champions!

For those that haven’t heard, Tara was inducted into the World Pizza Champions organization last month during International Pizza Expo. All of us at Andolini’s are extremely excited to have her as a member of the team. 

The World Pizza Champions (WPC) are an elite team of people passionate about pizza in all forms — baking it, the art and craft of it, acrobatics, and of course, the history. They are committed to pushing the industry forward. Tony Gemignani asked me to join the team about ten years ago, and I was extremely honored. Since joining, we’ve gone on to compete around the world. Put simply, being inducted into this group is a huge honor — which is why we’re so proud of Tara and her hard work.

Over the years, I’ve had several great pizza makers working for me — but Tara is a standout. Her passion and dedication knows no bounds. She is our youngest Kitchen Manager and is an incredible pizza acrobat and baker. Because Tara works for me, I wanted to go out of my way to make sure that I never asked or politicked for her to be on the team. I wanted to be sure that if she did ever get asked, that it be clean and that she earned her spot. The team kept the announcement from me to retain the level of integrity that they pride themselves on. I was caught off guard and extremely happy to hear her name mentioned as the newest inductee into the group.

Now that she is on the team she can continue her career of inspiring the next generation of pizza makers, boys and girls, to learn more about the craft we love — pizza. I’ve always wanted Andolini’s to be bigger than just my brother and me, and with this addition to the WPC it shows that we are doing just that — nurturing and developing great pizzaiolos and pizzaiolas who will make an impact on the industry — not just for us, but with us.

Owner, Mike Bausch