The story of Andolini's Pizzeria family lineage starts near Naples Italy, then immigrated to lower Manhattan and then progressed through San Francisco before ultimately landing in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pizza and libations “Tulsa Style” – raw, honest, unapologetic and most importantly, real.

The Brothers Bausch

Deep Italian Roots

Brothers Jim & Mike Bausch rely on their passion and Italian roots to guide all of their culinary pursuits. Their commitment to an exceptionally high quality process and true ingredients which have been sustainably sourced makes Andolini’s a unique dining experience. One that approaches the craft of pizza making with a passion to uplift the art form through great service, great atmosphere and above all else great food.

Andolini's is Born

Quality from Day one

That level of ability in pizza comes from competing around the country and around the world in different pizza competitions that progress the art form and craft of being a pizzaiolo or Italian pizza maker.

Making food from scratch was never a gimmick; it was just a conscious decision that if Andolini’s was ever going to prosper, it would be by putting the customer first. That is why Andolini’s has had a policy since day one, if a customer isn’t happy with their food for any reason whatsoever, if they are anything short of impressed, they should not pay for it. It’s with that mindset that Andolini’s has stuck around and flourished in such a competitive environment.

Driven By Virtue. Crafted By Taste.

The Andolini's Standard

It’s more than our standard...it's the Andolini’s mantra. Andolini’s is about translating your hard earned dollars into amazing food, impressive service, and comfortable, real ambiance. Our mission is to deliver a great experience every time.

Our values and standards attract the best employees, creating a working environment built on professionalism and teamwork. It is imperative that we fulfill this commitment to our guests and our coworkers. Hospitality, teamwork, and expertise are required fundamentals for each employee and we practice them every day. The interlacing of these essentials creates a strong fabric of success for our team and a stellar experience for our guests.

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