STG Italian Coming to Broken Arrow!

In the Heart of the Rose District

I’m Mike Bausch, owner of Andolini’s Pizzeria. Some of you might know that I and my brother Jim also own STG Pizzeria and Gelateria in Tulsa. 3 Years ago I was across the street on what was once an open lot and now we’re here. We’re here because Broken Arrow has been so good to us.

The City, Chamber, and Citizens of Broken Arrow have been wonderful and welcoming. We love what is happening here in the Rose District and we want to be even more a part of it, and a part of the community. 


Before we even opened our doors across the street at Andolini’s, people were asking us “Are you going to have your gelato here in BA?” And our intention has always been for that to be a YES. It just wasn’t possible – until we found the right space, and the right partner to build it out – The Ross Group. 

Right here, at 217 S. Main Street, in the heart of the Rose District, we’re going to transform this space into STG Gelateria Broken Arrow. From this location, we will make and sell over 60 different types of handmade Italian gelato and sorbetto. 

Introducing Affogatos!

We will have Affogatos too. What is an Affogato? It’s an espresso shot with a scoop of gelato dolloped in. How are we able to do that? Because this location will be brewing and serving Topeca coffee.

In addition to wanting to serve Broken Arrow, we needed to launch another STG location because we’ve outgrown our current gelato production facility at the Farm Shopping Center and we need more capacity to cover our own stores. 

Here’s the real Kicker. STG Stands for “Specialty and Tradition Guaranteed,”  its not our spin on Italian like at Andolini’s, it is directly what you would get in Italy. 

We’ve wanted to do this for some time, but its never been possible on the scale we needed to have, to do it right.

STG Gelateria in BA will also be a Pasteria making fresh pasta for all of our stores and for you to be able to come and purchase for home use as well. 

Thats freshly extruded pasta, ravioli in several combinations.

Our new space is about 1,300 square feet and it will have inside seating for customers. 

STG is Italian, exactly. And, we’re planning on opening this summer.